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Re: porting to another jvm/jit

From: Ricky Clarkson
Subject: Re: porting to another jvm/jit
Date: 8 Oct 2003 10:43:40 +0100
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That sounds like a nice project.

I suggest you get hold of the source of a JVM that already uses
Classpath and take a look at it.  I think kissme is probably a good
example, but others on the list probably have different opinions.  I
haven't actually looked at any kissme code though.

If you find errors etc., feel free to submit patches, but there are
restrictions (covered on Classpath's web pages at ) if you submit large/many

Happy hacking,


On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 08:46:44PM +0200, Joseph Wenninger wrote:
> Hi
> I'm porting a jvm/jit for a university project to the gnu classpath,
> since it is nearly impossible to support the sun jre, if you can't sign
> the sun community license, and  therefor don't have the sun-namespaces
> sources.
> I have done a quick hack for testing purposes, but how would I cleanly
> integrate the classpath? My question is, how other jvm developers cope
> with the the VM*.c files ? Do they have to be in the classpath
> hierarchy, or can I somehow create a static classpath lib and than link
> that one against my own, which contains the VM specific implementations
> ?
> Off-topic:
> By the way, we would like to support jdk 1.2 class files (major 45,
> minor 3). I tried to compile the classpath with jikes -source 1.2
> -target 1.2, but it looks like jikes 1.18 doesn't really work with that.
> Did anybody try that ? Is there another usable compiler for jre 1.2
> compatible class files ?  With jikes I get wrong
> [Field|Method|InterfaceMethod]Ref infos structures for many classes,
> they point into the constant pool to array constants instead of object
> constants. According to my knowledge that's wrong.
> Could it be a problem of how the classpath is compiled ?
> I'm using the 0.06 tarball
> Thanks in advance for any information/help
> Kind regards
> Joseph Wenninger
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