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Re: Recent move of Plain[Datagram]SocketImpl

From: Michael Koch
Subject: Re: Recent move of Plain[Datagram]SocketImpl
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 17:20:15 +0200
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Am Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2003 16:13 schrieb Jeroen Frijters:
> Michael Koch wrote:
> > > You recently moved PlainSocketImpl and PlainDatagramSocketImpl
> > > to the gnu package. Is there any particular reason for this?
> > > For me this change is very inconvenient, because my
> > > implementations of PlainSocketImpl and PlainDatagramSocketImpl
> > > are written in Java, so I would like them to be in the same
> > > package (to be able to set the protected fields of SocketImpl
> > > and DatagramSocketImpl without using reflection).
> >
> > Well the special reason was to use these two classes from
> > java.nio. To make this possible it was needed to make this
> > classes public. Making them public in would violate the
> > JDK API compliance of classpath and libgcj.
> Thanks for explaining. I worked around it by having my own versions
> of the gnu.* classes that extend the java.* classes.
> BTW, I noticed that the nio classes use getNativeFD to get at the
> underlying handle, I think that at some point in the future this
> needs to be changed, because for platforms that don't have an int
> sized native handle, this doesn't work that well.

That's the solution for the moment. When other/better solutions are 
available, like Anthony Green's PlatformFileDescriptor, these 
solutions will be used. As its not available yet I used the most 
simplest verserion that worked in my x86 based system. I know that 
there are limitations in this choice. If people have problems with 
this they are free to provide patches. Its all Open Source. ;-)

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