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Re: Agile2D licence change

From: Dalibor Topic
Subject: Re: Agile2D licence change
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 18:40:07 +0200
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Salut Jean-Daniel,

Jean-Daniel Fekete wrote:
Hello to the Classpath list,

After a short discussion with Ben Bederson and Jon Meyer, co-developers of Agile2D, the implementation of Graphics2D based on Opengl, we decided that the licence will become BSD instead of a variant of the MPL 1.1 (see This will enable the Agile2D implementation to become the basis of a free native implementation of Graphics2D -- also based on OpenGL -- for Gnu classpath.

Thanks! That's wonderful news for those of us wanting to run java2d employing software on free VMs.

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