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Re: [GNU Crypto] gnu-crypto.m4

From: Sascha Brawer
Subject: Re: [GNU Crypto] gnu-crypto.m4
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 11:29:04 +0100

On Sat, 22 Nov 2003 10:51 am, Dalibor Topic wrote:

> I'd love having a simple way to
> chuck in GNU crypto into kaffe without having to bother with those
> weird U.S. crypto laws, as kaffe's CVS server is located in
> California.

Actually, these "weird crypto laws" are not specific to the U.S. The
follwing states are currently participating in the Wassenaar Arrangement:

Argentina,  Australia,  Austria,  Belgium,  Bulgaria,  Canada,  Czech
Republic,  Denmark,  Finland,  France,  Germany,  Greece,  Hungary, 
Ireland,  Italy,  Japan,  Luxembourg,  Netherlands,  New Zealand, 
Norway,  Poland,  Portugal,  Republic of Korea,  Romania,  Russian
Federation,  Slovakia,  Spain,  Sweden,  Switzerland,  Turkey,  Ukraine,
 United Kingdom  and  United States.

The participating states implement the Wassenaar Arrangement in national
laws and regulations.  These may or may not be identical with the text of
the arrangement.

General info; contact lists of national bodies

"List of Dual Use Goods and Technologies And Munitions List"
Category 5, Part 2: Information Security
[Specifies the technical criteria, such as key lengths, for crypto
software to be considered dual-use technology]

"General Software Note"
[excludes software "in the public domain" from the control regime]

Text on the FSF website about the Wassenaar Arrangement
[They call it "Wassenaar Agreement"]

-- Sascha

Sascha Brawer, address@hidden, 

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