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Modules names and other details for new classpath bug product

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Modules names and other details for new classpath bug product
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 17:54:38 +0100

Hi Hackers,

Assuming we don't get huge objections to the proposal to move all GNU
Classpath bugs to a new gcc bugzilla product we should already start
thinking about some details of the new setup. Here is my proposal.

- The product in gcc bugzilla will be called 'classpath'.

- I will create a new mailinglist address@hidden that will
  receive all bugzilla activity/emails for the new 'classpath' product.

- It seems a good idea to have modules for the main packages. But group
  them together a bit and not create a module for every (sub)package:

  accessibility, applet, awt, beans, crypto, imageio, io, lang, reflect,
  ref, math, naming, net, nio, print, rmi, security, sql, swing, text,
  transaction, util, jar, logging, prefs, regex, zip, xml.
  (Note that there is already a SWING and AWT module in gcc, these

  should be moved to the new classpath product.)
  Plus modules for the somewhat separate modules:

  inetlib, texidoclet, gjdoc, cp-tools, automakejar
  (Are all these necessary? Maybe just gjdoc and cp-tools?)

- Version numbers.
  I don't have a very good suggestion here. Of course we should just
  have the GNU Classpath version numbers there (0.13, 0.14, and up). But
  those are not the same as used by GCC. There is no good/perfect
  mapping between libgcj and classpath version numbers.

- Actually moving the bugs. We have two tasks:
  - Move the bugs currently filed under gcc/libgcj which are not runtime
    specific to the correct classpath/category. This is not that hard,
    but needs a volunteer to go over the 110 open bugs in that category.
    (The AWT and SWING modules will probably be moved automatically)
  - Move the bugs currently in the savannah bug tracker to This is harder since we will probably have to
    move them by hand. I have asked the savannah-hackers whether they
    can give us an exported database so we might be able to write a
    script for importing. If that isn't possible I will move at least
    the open ones by hand (currently 59 open bugs).

Comments? Other suggestions?



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