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Re: [fedora-java] Re: [OX Devel] Re: Devel Digest, Vol 12, Issue 6

From: Chris Burdess
Subject: Re: [fedora-java] Re: [OX Devel] Re: Devel Digest, Vol 12, Issue 6
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 08:57:13 +0100

Tom Tromey wrote:
Chris> If you just want ACL support in the GNU IMAP provider, we can schedule
Chris> it in for the next release.

Martin> We can help to make such an implementation happen, but our
Martin> focus is the solution and the features. Thats why we have not
Martin> ask for methods. Now, if there is a strong demand and the GNU
Martin> Classpath developers are scheduling the complete
Martin> implementation of the required classes and methods for one of
Martin> the next GNU Classpath javamail API releases, we should have
Martin> some conversation how this can be implemented in a very easy
Martin> way (like some kind of configure option) to support it (of
Martin> course we must keep an eye on the effort ;-).

Martin> And to avoid any rumor, this strategy is part of our general
Martin> developing concepts. We do not reinvent wheels we are using
Martin> existing infrastructure wherever it fits our needs.

Let me make a somewhat more radical suggestion: if inetlib implements
the needed ACL support, how about switching to use it exclusively?

It does; the relevant IMAPConnection methods are setacl, deleteacl, getacl, listrights, myrights.

It wouldn't be too much trouble to implement higher-level wrappers in IMAPFolder if working with them is conceptually easier, though. Also, as I mentioned before, JavaMail and JAF provide a whole MIME implementation that may be convenient.
Chris Burdess

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