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From: Chris Lansdown
Subject: java.swing.text.NumberFormatter
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 12:34:57 -0500
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NumberFormatter's stringToValue function currently checks to see if the
valueClass is not null, and if so, converts its value to that.

The problem is that valueClass gets set in
java.swing.text.DefaultFormatter's constructor sets valueClass to be
Object.class, so the lines:

      if (valueClass != null)
          o = super.stringToValue(o.toString());

have the effect of always setting the returned value to a String, even
though NumberFormatter properly converts the thing to a number first.

Two alternative fixes would be to get rid of the always setting valueClass
in DefaultFormatter's constructor (I have no idea what the implications of
this are), and changing the condition to:

if(valueClass != null && valueClass != Object.class)

Since there's no sense in trying to cast something up to an object anyhow.

Alternatively, maybe the constructor of NumberFormat should set the
valueClass to Number?

Chris Lansdown

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