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clarification: java.swing.text.NumberFormatter

From: Chris Lansdown
Subject: clarification: java.swing.text.NumberFormatter
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 13:17:28 -0500
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I should point out that java.swing.text.NumberFormatter's stringToValue
function is actually its parent class's stringToValue function
(java.swing.text.InternationalFormatter), and all of the comments about
NumberFormatter's stringToValue function are actually about
InternationalFormatter's stringToValue function -- I just forgot which file
I was looking at when I wrote my previous email. All of the substantive
stuff still holds.

Though i did notice that the third option is actually going to be have
NumberFormatter sets valueClass to be Double, not Number, since Double can
actually be instantiated and has a constructor which takes a string.

Chris Lansdown

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