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Re: [Classpathx-discuss] Which application uses GNU JavaMail ?

From: Cedric Hyppolite
Subject: Re: [Classpathx-discuss] Which application uses GNU JavaMail ?
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 23:46:48 +0100

Le 13 févr. 06 à 17:38, Chris Burdess a écrit :

Cedric Hyppolite wrote:
I ran the test with the latest CVS version for javamail and inetlib.
Same result, the listing is still looping.

It seems bizarre that the IMAP server would include the current folder in a LIST. I would try setting the session property mail.debug=true and looking at the IMAP conversation.

Setting mail.debug to true or calling Session.setDebug(true) did not enable the imap logger. However I added to print statement, and the server response to the list command only consist in repeating the listed mailbox.

I am connecting to
I don't know the IMAP server name and version... If you can enlighten me on how to get it ?

I guess you could ask

Asked. I though you were thinking about a IMAP command for getting the server name and capabilities.

I looked at thunderbird code and they list the IMAP folder from the root using a '*' wildcard. I tried this on the default folder and successfully listed all my IMAP folders.

However the folder separator character is not interpreted in the returned names... That would be a way to read mails in all IMAP folders forgetting the hierarchy thus seeing all folders under the root.


Are there a lot of server-dependent issues making Gnu JavaMail not functional ?

As far as I am aware you're the only person who has an outstanding issue with IMAP.
犬 Chris Burdess
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