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Re: [Classpathx-discuss] Which application uses GNU JavaMail ?

From: Cedric Hyppolite
Subject: Re: [Classpathx-discuss] Which application uses GNU JavaMail ?
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 20:17:10 +0100

Hi Chris,

I used tcpflow with Gnu provider. Sun did take into account the mail.debug property so I got the command directly.

Sun provider does:
A6 LIST "" "INBOX/%"
* LIST () "/" INBOX/sent-mail
* LIST () "/" INBOX/Pouic
* LIST () "/" INBOX/spam
* LIST () "/" INBOX/NonSpam
* LIST () "/" INBOX/Apple
A6 OK LIST completed

where Gnu provider does:
* LIST () "/" INBOX
A10 OK LIST completed

- Another difference is that Sun provider gives the folder a type 3 (holds folder & messages) where Gnu provider gives a type 2 (holds message).

- Sun provider throws a FolderNotFoundException on listing of the personal/user/shared namespace, where Gnu gives an empty array. I prefers the GNU provider behaviour.

- On the logging problem: I am running under Eclipse, but that should not prevent logging from working as I use commons-logging and log4j without problems.

On the folder type issue, I guess everything (but the root) should be of type 3 even if there is no 'inferior' folder for now i.e. the API says for HOLDS_FOLDER: 'This folder CAN contain other folders'.

It may happen that both list commands are valid but one is 'more supported' that the other.
I let you make the fix on your side. I guess it is pretty obvious now.


Le 14 févr. 06 à 10:04, Chris Burdess a écrit :

Cedric Hyppolite wrote:
I ran the test with the latest CVS version for javamail and inetlib.
Same result, the listing is still looping.

It seems bizarre that the IMAP server would include the current folder in a LIST. I would try setting the session property mail.debug=true and looking at the IMAP conversation.

Setting mail.debug to true or calling Session.setDebug(true) did not enable the imap logger.

That's odd. Is any logging working? Do you have a specialised java.util.logging configuration?

However I added to print statement, and the server response to the list command only consist in repeating the listed mailbox.

and the LIST command is something like

  a002 LIST "" %


I looked at thunderbird code and they list the IMAP folder from the root using a '*' wildcard. I tried this on the default folder and successfully listed all my IMAP folders.

The '*' wildcard lists the entire hierarchy, not just the immediate children.

However the folder separator character is not interpreted in the returned names...

What does it return, NIL?

That would be a way to read mails in all IMAP folders forgetting the hierarchy thus seeing all folders under the root.

Not really, since this would give you all folders independent of the hierarchy, but with no way to interpret that hierarchy.

I would really appreciate seeing transcripts of the same JavaMail conversation with both Sun and GNU JavaMail for this server, if you can provide them. If you're having problems with logging you could use tcpflow.
犬 Chris Burdess
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  deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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