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Re: Conscript_chdir doesn't stick

From: Alan Grow
Subject: Re: Conscript_chdir doesn't stick
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 23:49:24 +0000

I didn't mean to complain about having the Conscript_chdir parameter around--I feel it's absolutely necessary. I want to see it apply twenty four seven.

I too am saddled with some build tools that need to be run in the same directory as the source files. And besides I think it just makes more sense to chdir to the sub-build's directory, since otherwise it may need knowledge of the source tree structure far above it.

What about adding an attribute to each build action to specify what cwd it should be run with respect to? Whenever Conscript_chdir is turned on, that is.


From: address@hidden
To: "Alan Grow" <address@hidden>, address@hidden
Subject: Re: Conscript_chdir doesn't stick
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 10:46:49 -0700

You are correct on all accounts.  But when you think about it, doing the
chdir during process time allows you to more easily determine the source
and targets dynamically as well as reference them with shorter relative
paths.  After the conscripts have been processed, Cons should already now
the full location of every source and target and there is less need to
chdir when you know all the paths.  We have run into the situation where
the tool being executed had to be in the directory.  I was looking for how
we solved it, but I could not find it.  Probably aren't using it anymore.

Rick Croote
Philips Medical

"Alan Grow" <address@hidden>
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04/10/2004 11:04 PM

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        cc:     (bcc: Rick Croote/ATL-BTL/MS/PHILIPS)
        Subject:        Conscript_chdir doesn't stick


  I'm trying to get cons 2.3.0 to do my hierarchical builds. However,
Conscript_chdir 1 appears only to apply when the Conscript files are
processed--when it comes time to actually execute the build actions,
being done back up in the Construct file directory, not the Conscript

  Seems undesirable and confusing to process your build script w/ respect
one cwd, but then execute it w/ respect to another. What's the point of
processing it in the Conscript dir in the first place then?


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