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not rebuilding out-of-date derived^2 objects

From: Alan Grow
Subject: not rebuilding out-of-date derived^2 objects
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 00:43:29 +0000


Cons 2.3.0 isn't rebuilding "derived derived objects" correctly for me. I've attached a tarball you can use to reproduce the behavior, but here's what's going on...

I am building libfoo.a from foo.o, which is built from foo.h and foo.cpp in turn. The first time I cons, everything is rebuilt. Then if I add a new function (say) to foo.h and cons again. This time foo.o is rebuilt but libfoo.a is not, even though foo.o's contents have changed.

I have left SourceSignature and SIGNATURE alone so they should be defaulting to 'build', but it doesn't seem to matter. Also I am using two Conscript files, one for the object file and one for the lib, because this mimics the situation I first encountered the problem in. Anyway untar and have a look for yourself.

 Am I using cons in a way that wasn't intended? Any ideas?


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