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Re: not rebuilding out-of-date derived^2 objects

From: Malcolm Blaney
Subject: Re: not rebuilding out-of-date derived^2 objects
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 17:06:26 +0930
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Alan Grow wrote:
Okay I just wanted you to be able to quickly reproduce my problem. Personally I would have been irritated, and wouldn't bother responding, if someone hadn't provided this convenience for me.

I would say it's the opposite. People don't go to much more effort than looking at the email in front of them. :)

I am well aware of the Program and Library methods. This is just an example that reproduces the problem, in reality I am building something totally different--an nsis installer that includes csharp assemblies and a lot of other garbage.

After modifying foo.h:

cons -d

Target lib/libfoo.a: src/foo.o src/foo.o
Checking lib/libfoo.a
 Checking src/foo.o
   Checking src/foo.cpp
   Checking src/foo.h
   Checking /usr/bin/g++
 Rebuilding src/foo.o: out of date.
/usr/bin/g++ -Isrc -o src/foo.o -c src/foo.cpp
 Checking /usr/bin/ar
Target src/foo.o: src/foo.cpp src/foo.h

This shows that libfoo.a is indeed dependent on foo.o. You can add an explicit $env->Depends to lib/Conscript if you don't believe me.

That's good, shows your code is sort of working! What is _really_ strange is that I tried this with 'cons -pa' to see what's going on, and then the next time I ran cons properly (ie to do a build) it built the library. No changes required. So I would agree that the dependencies aren't getting checked properly in cons, but I also wouldn't use the 'Command' command like this. I've had problems with Command, and so only use it if I have to. The fact that it is checking src/foo.o again on the last line when it's just built it shows that something is wrong.

Why would I put all my compiler commands in Construct? My build is large and hierarchical, and has many points of entry.

Importing env should be enough in Conscripts, though if you do need to use Command you're right in needing to pull out required fields. But that is what Cons is trying to do for you.


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