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Re: vs "Bug#DDDDD" in logs

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: vs "Bug#DDDDD" in logs
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 08:35:36 +0100

Mike Frysinger wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 November 2011 16:48:38 Jim Meyering wrote:
>> I've noticed a few references in recent commit logs like this:
>>   See additional discussion in Bug#9939.
>> My preference has been to use the slightly more verbose
>>, on the principle that that will
>> be more accessible to most people.  I.e., you can probably
>> just click on it, or mouse-then-click.  While for the "Bug#...."
>> form, one would have to know the URL prefix.
>> Preferences to the contrary?
> i think the trade off is to use a git tag like:
>       URL:
> or:
>       X-URL:
> or:
>       X-Coreutils-Bug: DDDDD
>       X-Coreutils-Bug-URL:
> in my own projects, i tend to use "#DDDDD" in the logs and then supplement
> with URL: tags.

Thanks, but if I were to do that manually, I'd eventually
end up with a few log entries that list one #DDDDD in
the text and a different one in the tag.  Then that
policy would need its own commit hook rule.  For now
I prefer to have a single, unambiguous URL.

So far, I have found little value in using tags like that
in git commit logs.

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