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Some question regarding tail and option "-c"

From: Robert Milasan
Subject: Some question regarding tail and option "-c"
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 15:51:21 +0200

Hello, I think I found an issue, but not sure if it's a bug or
feature :)

When using option "-c" from tail there are 3 ways, two working and one

1. cat /etc/passwd|tail -c 10 (doesn't work)
2. cat /etc/passwd|tail -c -10 (works)
3. tail -c 10 /etc/passwd (works)

Why does the option 2 and 3 work, but the first one doesn't?

Robert Milasan

L3 Support Engineer
SUSE Linux
email: address@hidden
GPG fingerprint: B6FE F4A8 0FA3 3040 3402  6FE7 2F64 167C 1909 6D1A

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