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Re: Feature request: ls --hyperlink

From: Egmont Koblinger
Subject: Re: Feature request: ls --hyperlink
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2017 10:10:27 +0200

... Or, if you're familiar with quickly recompiling RPMs from .spec files,
it's most likely as simple as bumping the version number in the vte291 and
then gnome-terminal packages.


On Sat, Aug 26, 2017 at 9:56 AM, Egmont Koblinger <address@hidden> wrote:

> What's the handiest way for me to get a terminal to test with?
> The simplest/quickest:
> Get VTE from
>   tarball:
> or
>   git clone git://
> Compile the usual autoconf way (./configure or ./; make). Feel
> free to pass --enable-vala=no or --disable-vala or something like this if
> you're having trouble with vala.
> Start as ./src/testvte -- You'll get the underlining experience, plus the
> URL printed to stderr on right-click.
> The full featured (with the usual gnome-terminal UI and Ctrl+click opening
> the link in browser):
> Carefully choose --libdir for VTE, compile and install (make install).
> Then repeat the same with gnome-terminal (taking care of --prefix and
> --libexecdir), making sure pkgconfig finds the new VTE. (I personally just
> install both packages to the location of the distro's package, overwriting
> those files. In case of unexpected unlikely trouble, the worst case I open
> an xterm and reinstall the distro packages from there. Otherwise it's just
> too much pain always pointing to the test version.) Then quit all
> gnome-terminal windows at once and restart it (or start the server and
> client with a different app-id as shown at
> Terminal/Debugging (without the gdb bits)).
> e.

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