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Win32 Bit <strike>Powershell</strike> -> Coretools +enhancement as Distr

From: Blackcrack
Subject: Win32 Bit <strike>Powershell</strike> -> Coretools +enhancement as Distribution for WinNT(as example Reactos)
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2019 10:46:16 +0100
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Windows is a old theme, from win1/Lisa up to Win10
we had the possible to become from Linus a Linux + tools(also coreutils)
therewith have we many possible for doing what we whant, now it is,
to coming up a Reactos, a Rebuilded from stretch a WinNT under GPL2 .
and this, out of the Politic from the American Factory under US-States Law
for the whole world .. Any land must trust in the States with
the Ordering System of Windows .. so, this is wrong, there it is a possible, Linux..
so.. RedHat, Ubuntu, Suse .. huhh.. what is there wrong ?
It is open source and any can work with it .. ! If it's not to complicate .. and not to many know hoff what it is need.. So, how it is with a easy creating shares with Samba .. in RedHat/Fedora, it is easy to create a nfs for WinNT ? no, but it is more easy to create one tool for create a share for one Ordering System as for different Distributions with different Binary..
Is this right ?
So it is not more easy to have one Binary for all, like it was in the past ?
Dos, win16, Win32, once compiled, copy for all... and fit's to all
so, this is building up now with Reactos at
with this Windows what we had distribution on "0X" times at lan connects over dfü from Terminal to terminal .. why this not supporting with automated generated coreutils and other tools for the win32 as Bundle for setup and add a %windir%/bin,%windir%/sbin for User and Admin to have a possible for let run a terminal and able to let run a ssh and sftp at Reactos with the coreutils and other tools for reactos to have a environment like in Linux, but with win32 bit. This could auto-generate win32 binary's and make bundle for WinNT as one installing bundle for all Win32/64 bit Systems.. enhancement for Reactos / WinNT as install "enhanced terminal subsystem" for ssh, sftp and command prompt (also to make or tar.gz packs via a regfile to add sub-menu's in explorer(create/decompress some packages).. as example... i think also on the whole compressors tar + gzip, zip and so on what can all be include and therewith can it  improve/enhance the whole WinNT System and with Reactos have we a WinNT where it is possible to make some enhanced with a GPL2 WinNT System.. Yes, we have now a WinNT GPL2 Ordering System.. as Open Source .. But you have to realize that to exist the possible for have the possible to have a WinNT with a fully Gui surface under Open Source.. and no more a Linux as pure prompt with a X/Wayland Server for WM .. and where be in distributions a different groups where fights against one Big Enemy .. Microsoft and Unix, with Reactos it is a two equally strong opponents, the Whole International Internet Community under Reactos as Open Source GPL WinNT direct compiles Ordering-system for all (a free copy without money and a real trustworthy, reliable Ordering system against "Microsoft Windows" ) So, what stay more short, to create a common Project "Gnu for WinNT" to grouping the whole 2 / 3 different Projects together to have a real one Big Project for Reactos or WinNT 32/64Bit Systems the whole tools from Linux+tools Distriebutions as sub-folders for WinNt to have the possible in native WinNT binarys like it is in Linux ..

i be to old for something like that, but i can give you the Informations
That it is possible today.. reactos has begun ..
I want say therewith, a WinNT out of the Community of the Internet (the World) have begun and therewith it is born a Project with reactos where it is an equally strong opponent grow up in the World, you can help therewith if you create a project where helps reactos to be more ... (Reactos as Single Project stay allreaddy, but you can create a Addon-Project, a something like a Powershell, but with coreutils for WinNT, for Reactos, for a Free WinNT ) With your Coreutils for WinNT as native binarys in c/c++ and the whole other tools as addon
to the command line with subpath's for extra binarys to hold it clean
in%windir%\bin and %windir%\sbin the dll's (library's already in system32 and sysWOW64)

best regards

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