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Re: Win32 Bit <strike>Powershell</strike> -> Coretools +enhancement as D

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: Re: Win32 Bit <strike>Powershell</strike> -> Coretools +enhancement as Distribution for WinNT(as example Reactos)
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2019 11:11:39 -0700
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I'm not entirely sure what you are requesting (or suggesting?).

The easiest and most reliable way to get coreutils programs (and many
others, like "gzip", etc) is to install cygwin (
It's available in both 32bit and 64bit versions, and has been working
great from windows 95 to windows 10.

There are the GNUWin32 project (
and EZWinPorts project (
Both probide some versions of coreutils as native windows binaries.
Note that these are packaged by other people (not coreutils maintainers), and are not directly supported here.

There are some on-going efforts to make direct compilation
of coreutils on windows easier. e.g:

If you are a developer and interested in helping this effort,
please do write to us.

Hope this answers your issue.
If not, please write back with more concrete details.

 - assaf

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