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Re: [cybop-developers] CYBOI String Constants

From: Enrico Gallus
Subject: Re: [cybop-developers] CYBOI String Constants
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2017 19:50:20 +0900

Hi Christian,
> For example, see the current (OLD) state in file:
> cybop/src/constant/name/cybol/super_cybol_name.c
> /** The super cybol name. */
> static wchar_t SUPER_CYBOL_NAME_ARRAY[] = {L's', L'u', L'p', L'e', L'r'};

Good decision it is ways easier to read. 
Additionally it it also clean referring the vertical format of the source code. 
Some of the lines have been totally out of scope (containing more signs than a 
line in source code should)
Also frees some byte of the source code.

> So if you find the time to change these as described above,
> I would be very happy since it would save me a lot of time.
I am a really lazy programmer. I don’t like assembly work so much…
But i wanted to have a look into python since a while. I used the opportunity 
and wrote a python script which takes care of the code-transformation.
I put the python file to tools. Ah, i forgot the changelog entry… i will make 
catch up the entry, sorry about that
I did this for all files (except the files in the folders you mentioned) and 
another file where it should stay the way it is.
Unfortunately I found some strange things while looking through the files. All 
the cases are mentioned in my todo list, please have a look and let’s discuss 
what to do.
If I converted files which i shouldn’t have, we can just revert it, the project 
still compiles of course.

> Thanks
> Christian

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