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Re: [cybop-developers] File Cleanup

From: Christian Heller
Subject: Re: [cybop-developers] File Cleanup
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2017 20:57:45 +0100
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Hi Enrico,

> > 1 cyboi.sln
> I will move it to ide/visualstudio. We only need to adjust the relative path 
> in the sln file, i will do that.
> A sln file does not contain any includes. It is only a container for 
> different project-files. The project files contains the includes.


> > 2 libtool
> I don’t have a libtool file on my local system. It is not checked in, right?
> in doc/development/osx mention that it is needed for make.
> I have no idea if it is needed for something else.

I removed it locally and everything is still compilable.

> > 3 .clang-format
> I put this file over there. The problem is that clang-format looks in the 
> directory of the CMakeFiles.txt directory and goes up the directories until 
> it finds a configuration file.
> I have not found a opportunity to tell the clang-format configuration to 
> check in a sub-directory.
> That’s why i put it to the CMakeFiles.txt in the root directory

I guess clang-format requires it to be a hidden file.

> Btw, the build is still broken for mac os x.
> I will try to fix it, would be nice, if you could have a look on my changes 
> later on, when committed, to be sure it is the way you want to have it.

I've seen two changes and they seem to be o.k.
All compiles fine on my box.


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