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Re: [Debian-sf-users] how to configure ldap password?

From: Christian BAYLE
Subject: Re: [Debian-sf-users] how to configure ldap password?
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 21:15:43 +0100

ldap is a tricky stuff :)

There are 2 reasons for this kind of message:
        -password in sf is not the same that the one set in ldap
        -/etc/ldap/slapd.conf does not give enough permissions to admin user

access lines for dn="cn=admin,dc=..."

take care to use the same dn ($sys_ldap_admin_dn var) in

I display $sys_ldap_admin_dn during install, this should help you
this ldapmodify try to set the password for 
that is used after to add/change ldap records, by the ldap php4 modules

for debugging the best is to modify the config files
and to use script, until you manage to run it without
one this done, sf setup should go smoothly.

Hope this help


Soon-Son Kwon wrote:
> Hello: I found that 2.5-26 released for sid.
> I tried to install it but failed....again.... :-(
> The error occurred at the same location with "invalid credentials" message.
> Error occurred while running this part at
> echo "Changing SF_robot passwd using admin account"
> ldapmodify -v -c -D "$sys_ldap_admin_dn" -x -w"$secret"<<-FIN
> dn: $sys_ldap_bind_dn
> changetype: modify
> replace: userPassword
> userPassword: $cryptedpasswd
> It seems that the problem comes from the "$secret".
> This seems to be the global password that enables the user
> to add/del/modify any record on the ldap database.
> When installing the newest slapd package, dselect shows the password
> which it generated randomly and as far as I know, the "rootpw" directive
> of slapd.conf contains this global password but the default installation
> does not contain "rootpw blahblah" at slapd.conf.
Take care that the newest package always keep ancient configuration
that can use ancient admin with 

in this case a 
apt-get remove --purge ldap should reset ldap correctly (this desinstall
sourceforge that depends
on it)

> Is the above installation error has anything to do with not having "rootpw"
> in slapd.conf or is there any way to specify the global password
> for slapd? "man slapd.conf" recommends using SASL instead of
> having "rootpw". Should I use SASL in order to install sourceforge?

Normally you don't have to touch anything in SASL
I never tried to make work ldap with kerberos, maybe you use this?

> I wonder if anyone successfully installed the sourceforge just by
> following the default dselect choices without hand-editting any files.
We do this regularily testing the package, the hardest is the first time
in fact :)
Once ldap is happy things are going smoother.

We are doing many checks, but our error message can probably be
your remarks are welcome

> Thanks always....
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