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[Debian-sf-users] Re: [CoopX] SourceForget change in policy; Larry is sp

From: Christian BAYLE
Subject: [Debian-sf-users] Re: [CoopX] SourceForget change in policy; Larry is speaking now !
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 00:21:01 +0200

Hi Grant

You can find here an answer to your letter
Mentioned by Soon-Son Kwon <address@hidden> on [Debian-sf-devel] list

You can look at the FAQ Mentioned in the message at

I just wonder which companies Larry Augustin is talking about.
Knowing the the sf code, it's a lot of work to have all working, since 
there are few informations in the code to make all work.
And even if a company would make all work, it can't make business with
code, without releasing it.

Savannah code is available
Debian-sf code is available

How can we improve something with a non speaking mailing list, 
a forum that changed its place (from alexandria to alexandria-dev),
with an announcement removed few days later?

We will continue to improve debian-sf package, integrate proposed patch, 
merge with available code. At least the good news is that it will be GPL

Sourceforge package will probably be available in next debian release
and easily installable.

Christian Bayle

========================= Here is the message

            [Debian-sf-devel] Open Sourceforge 2.7 to be released soon!
            Mon, 1 Apr 2002 15:54:18 +0900
            Soon-Son Kwon <address@hidden>
            KLDP(Korean Linux Documentation Project)

Hello people...
I just read the following message from VA CEO at
I am sure everyone on this list should be interested. :-)

Here is the announcement and URL.

Date: 2002-03-29 09:20
Summary:A message from VA Software Corporation CEO Larry Augustin 

Since we announced in August 2001 that we were taking the SourceForge 
code closed source, we have received many questions about the future of 
the existing Open Source code base. For some time, VA Software has been 
evaluating how we could best support the Open Source community within
context of building a successful business. VA has decided to publish an 
Open Source code release, SourceForge 2.7, in August 2002. We have no 
plans at this time to release the SourceForge 3.x code base as Open 
Source, although we will continue to evaluate how we can work with the 
Open Source community while continuing to build a business 
around SourceForge. 

We remain committed to operating as a service for the 
Open Source and Free Software communities, as part of OSDN. At this 
time we believe that the best way for us to continue to support the 
Open Source and Free Software communities is by continuing to develop 
the SourceForge 3.x closed source codebase--and continuing to grow as a resource that helps the Open Source and Free 
Software communities build Open Source and Free Software. 

           (o_             **WTFM**
(o_  (o_   //\
(/)_ (/)_  V_/_

Debian-sf-devel mailing list

=============================== Here is the FAQ
1.What is the state of the source code to SourceForge? 

The source code powering, SourceForge 2.6, was the last
version of
SourceForge source code publicly available as Open Source software. In
November 2001, VA
Software announced SourceForge Enterprise Edition 3.0, a proprietary
version of SourceForge. 

2.What is happening now? 

VA is announcing plans to release the source code to SourceForge 2.7 as
an Open Source
release, licensed under the GPL. VA will continue to develop, extend and
sell the SourceForge
3.x codebase as a commercial software offering. 

3.Why has VA decided to close the SourceForge codebase? 

Several factors have shaped this decision, including a change in our
core business from
systems and services to software, and repeated instances of use and
extension of the Open
Source codebase by companies who declined to share their improvements.
How are companies
able to do this without violating the GPL? Since they never release
their changes outside the
company, they are not compelled to give their code back to the
community. Unfortunately, this
impedes our ability to do business as the developer of the SourceForge

4.Who authored SourceForge? 

VA Software is the developer of SourceForge. All code in SourceForge
Enterprise Edition is
written and owned by VA Software. Some small outside contributions were
made to earlier 2.x
versions of SourceForge; these changes were not carried into the 3.x
product series. 

5.What is SourceForge 2.7? 

SourceForge 2.7 is an improved release of SourceForge 2.6 codebase. 

6.Why are you releasing SourceForge 2.7? 

We understand that many in the community are passionate about Open
Source and Free
Software. We are releasing SourceForge 2.7 as a goodwill gesture to
these communities. 

7.Will VA Software ever release more SourceForge code as Open Source? 

At this time VA Software does not have plans to release the SourceForge
3.x code base as
Open Source, although we will continue to evaluate how we can work with
the Open Source
community and build a business. 

8.When and how will SourceForge 2.7 code be released? 

SourceForge 2.7 will be released as "Alexandria 2.7," on the
"Alexandria-dev" project on during the month of August 2002. 

9.How does SourceForge 2.7 compare to the SourceForge 3.x codebase? 

SourceForge 2.7 contains cleaned code and bug fixes, building on the
SourceForge 2.6 release.
It does not contain Oracle database support, pervasive search
functionality, documentation
management, user-configurable reporting, integrated source control-issue
tracking and
automatic installation capabilities available only with the commercial,
SourceForge Enterprise
Edition 3.0 product offering. 

10.What does this mean for OSDN? 

This decision was made in close consultation with OSDN. OSDN continues
to focus on
supporting the development, distribution and discussion of Open Source
software, and will
continue to operate as a service for the Open Source and
Free Software

11.What codebase will run on? 

Given the need to scale to support tens of thousands of development
will be upgrading to the SourceForge 3.x codebase. 

12.How will this affect the code I have on 

Nothing will change. Your code is your code.

Grant Bowman wrote:
> * Christian BAYLE <address@hidden> [020122 16:16]:
> > [...]
> > No news from VA (
> Nothing substantial yet.  I'll be talking with Patrick McGovern this
> week and will let you know if anything interesting comes up.
> --
> -- Grant Bowman                                   <address@hidden>
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