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[Debian-sf-users] 2.6-0+13+ comments

From: Vicente Ruiz
Subject: [Debian-sf-users] 2.6-0+13+ comments
Date: 13 Oct 2002 20:26:54 +0200

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your replys

Few comments about 2.6:

---- Minors problems in Project Sumary ----

In the file
the function project_getaggvalue don't works, then mail and surveys
summary doesn't return a correct value. I don't know very well the
database or the code structure but I just make a poor patch adding 2.5

  function project_get_survey_count($group_id)
  function project_get_mail_list_count($group_id)

and replacing the 2.6 functions and now works (very poor patch). But I
see that the table project_sums_agg it's always empty.¿!

---- Bugs, Patchs functionality unselection ----

I found this note in common/include/Group.class

    NOTE - bug_flags,patch_flags,support flags are deprecated

then you can't unselect "bugs, patch, etc" from your project. Anyone
knows why it's deprecated?

---- Trove map ----

- My trove map is always empty. I see that the trove_treesums table it's
empty too. 

Well, I have just found that there is a script that runs daily and
generates the trove map. All it's ok, guys...


Nothing more, I'll continue testing 2.6



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