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[Denemo-devel] Report and Bugs: Midi, Fluid, Samplerate

From: Nils
Subject: [Denemo-devel] Report and Bugs: Midi, Fluid, Samplerate
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2010 22:07:36 +0100

Fluid ignored its settings but running fluid from the command-line worked. 
Richard fixed it.
Richard: It was indeed the double. 

Bugs for the release:

1) In Staff Properties if you choose an instrument name from the drop-down list 
the Channel-Number changes with a pattern I cannot understand. But the point 
is: This is a bug, choosing an instrument name should not touch the channel 
number. Currently only if you choose the blank instrument name you can enter 
values directly.
The final solution should be a combined fields in the format "001 Piano" "042 
Violin" so you have the program number and the GM-instrument names. This should 
suit both users with GM and free samplers.

2) When adding a new staff it should by default use a different channel number 
than existing staffs. So Denemo should keep track of the channels in use (in 
Fluidsynth-Mode) and assign free channels. Just increasing is not a real 
solution because its likely that users don't use the numbers in the right order 
or they delete staffs in between.

Currently its very user-unfriendly with just Channel 1. That means that a new 
staff even disturbs the existing channel one and most likely you will hear a 
piano in your playback where you don't want it. 

3)If you enter chordnotes Immediate Playback does not play back the new note or 
the whole chord but only the lowest one.

4)The Empty Measure is still a midi-problem for me. Richard says its a feature, 
I think its a bug and empty measures should be handled as whole measure rests 
in midi. Btw. Whole Measure Rests already work in Midi. 

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