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Re: [Denemo-devel] Report and Bugs: Midi, Fluid, Samplerate

From: alex stone
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] Report and Bugs: Midi, Fluid, Samplerate
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 00:38:16 +0300

1.) Agreed.

2.) Only in fluidsynth mode. With jack mode, it's perfectly acceptable
to have channel 1 for all staves, if the user is allocating a port per
staff. If they're using one port over a number of staves, then it's
easy enough for them to change channel numbers as they do other things
like allocated staff instrument names, etc...

3.)Correct. Same challenge here.

4.) Definitely agreed. Imho, the default should be whole measure rest
per bar/measure, as it's easier to change a measure/whole rest, than
go through a full score and have to input a truckload of whole measure
rests, just to get midi playing properly, and where it's supposed to
play. I'd go further than this, and add that it would be useful to
have the default use case that when any notes or rests are added to a
bar/measure in a multi staff score, i.e. adding notes to flute 1 in
bar three, that all other 'bar threes' in the score get a whole
measure rest automatically allocated. So any activity or input in the
first edited staff for a given bar number automatically "fills" the
rest of the same bar numbers. The user can then quickly navigate to
other "bar threes", rub out the rest, and input as they wish. Normally
i wouldn't advocate bars being filled by default like this, but in the
case of a full score and rests, this one makes sense to me, for faster


On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 12:07 AM, Nils <address@hidden> wrote:
> Fluid ignored its settings but running fluid from the command-line worked. 
> Richard fixed it.
> Richard: It was indeed the double.
> Bugs for the release:
> 1) In Staff Properties if you choose an instrument name from the drop-down 
> list the Channel-Number changes with a pattern I cannot understand. But the 
> point is: This is a bug, choosing an instrument name should not touch the 
> channel number. Currently only if you choose the blank instrument name you 
> can enter values directly.
> The final solution should be a combined fields in the format "001 Piano" "042 
> Violin" so you have the program number and the GM-instrument names. This 
> should suit both users with GM and free samplers.
> 2) When adding a new staff it should by default use a different channel 
> number than existing staffs. So Denemo should keep track of the channels in 
> use (in Fluidsynth-Mode) and assign free channels. Just increasing is not a 
> real solution because its likely that users don't use the numbers in the 
> right order or they delete staffs in between.
> Currently its very user-unfriendly with just Channel 1. That means that a new 
> staff even disturbs the existing channel one and most likely you will hear a 
> piano in your playback where you don't want it.
> 3)If you enter chordnotes Immediate Playback does not play back the new note 
> or the whole chord but only the lowest one.
> 4)The Empty Measure is still a midi-problem for me. Richard says its a 
> feature, I think its a bug and empty measures should be handled as whole 
> measure rests in midi. Btw. Whole Measure Rests already work in Midi.
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