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Re: putting it all together was scheme custom keymap

From: aaron mehl
Subject: Re: putting it all together was scheme custom keymap
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020 21:41:09 -0400

So I started testing my work.
I clicked on the menu items for the hard-coded-notes and it worked.
I also did the following:
 to check this try executing the commands, e.g. type (d-hardcodedA)  into the CLI box of the Scheme window and press Return - it should execute the command. And so on for the other names. (That is, prefix the command name with d- and wrap the whole thing in parens () and then execute it).
I did it for one hard-coded-note and it worked (it entered the note)
but when I tried the keyboard shortcut it didn't work
 (d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-b" <Shft+s>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-bdown" <s>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-bmid" <ctrl+s>)

When I try any shortcut keys that are not standard note entry  keys I hear a snare drum and nothing happens
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-a" <A>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-adown" <a>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-amid" <ctrl+ a>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-b" <S>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-bdown" <s>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-bmid" <ctrl+s>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-c" <C>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-c2" <c>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-cdown" <ctrl+c>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-d" <D>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-ddown" <ctrl+d>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-e" <E>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-eup" <e>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-edown" <Ctrl+e>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-f" <F>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-fdown" <f>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-g" <g>)
(d-AddKeybinding "hardcoded-gdown" <G>)

I did each one and these shortcuts don't work.
Any help would really help
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On Sep 18 2020, at 8:34 am, aaron mehl <> wrote:
Well I did test each file and they all worked but I didn't click on the menu item to see if it caused the proper result, my shortcoming it seems.
So I will take a few steps back and then I  can move forward.
p.s. us non techies find detailed instructions like on these emails most helpful.

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On Sep 18 2020, at 7:32 am, Richard Shann <> wrote:
On Fri, 2020-09-18 at 05:49 -0400, aaron mehl wrote:
> Hi Richard thanks for the heads up, you were right I needed to post
> the script in order to  get it working.
> The conventions you mentioned of <> () ""  are they discussed in the
> docs since I am totally a newbie on this it would be nice to have had
> this written out.

well the convention of writing <your name> meaning that you write your
name in the place where <your name> appears is just a common parlance
among techies.
The () are the indicators for a list in the Scheme programming language
- the most fundamental bit of syntax. The "" are also Scheme syntax
denoting a string.

But the convention that the Scheme procedure corresponding to a Denemo
command of name <thecommandname> is d-<thecommandname> is mentioned in
the docs in section 29, Writing Scheme Scripts.

However, most people pick up this stuff by seeing examples and by
testing out a small sample. So before creating all 18 shortcuts it
would make sense to create just one of the note-insertion commands,
check that it works when executed from the menu, then create just one
of the (d-AddKeybinding ...) procedures and test it out by executing it
in the Scheme window and seeing if the keypress does indeed execute the
desired command and then turning that into the mode-switch command.
When that is working you would add more of the same using the right-
click->"Save Script from Scheme Window" to override the first version
of your mode change command with the new keybindings.


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