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Re: Feedback on #pending-entries

From: Lorenzo L. Ancora
Subject: Re: Feedback on #pending-entries
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2021 16:31:13 +0000
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from the lack of feedback I deduce all is fine.

Dr. Stallman confirmed that the phrase is appropriate and we don't need to tweak it anymore, so I'm going to archive the issue during the next weekly meeting.

The other points of the Task still remain to be completed, so it will be subdivided and archived point by point in dedicated Tasks.

Meanwhile, I think opinions on how to satisfy the next points would be greatly appreciated. I anticipate that we may need to add some JavaScript code (obviously free) and that nevertheless we won't experience a noticeable performance drop.

Best regards,

Il 24/02/21 13:09, Lorenzo L. Ancora via ha scritto:
Hi everyone,
I'd like to collect some feedback on the Active Backlog Task in question
before archiving it.

Ideas about the message on pages not yet approved:

* likes or dislikes?
* alternative messages?
* is the cake really a lie?
* suggestions for improvement?

Best regards,

PS: wiki/Free_Software_Directory:Backlog_active#pending-entries

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