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Re: Feedback on #pending-entries

From: Sebastian
Subject: Re: Feedback on #pending-entries
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2021 22:20:21 +0000

Dear Lorenzo,

> Dr. Stallman confirmed that the phrase is appropriate and we don't
> need to tweak it anymore, so I'm going to archive the issue during the
> next weekly meeting.

I've been spending more time on the LibrePlanet side of things recently,
so I haven't kept up with the discussions about this topic. I'll need to
read back and bring myself up to date. Good job on the wording: it looks
very clear now :)

Best wishes,


PS. Your email address is the first I've seen that has brackets in it!
Did you know that in the early days of IRC, [ and ] were considered to
be upper-case versions of { and }, due to the most common character
encodings in Finland at that time? One does find some intruiging trivia
on Wikipedia!

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