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Re: hackint IRC channel for FSD

From: quiliro
Subject: Re: hackint IRC channel for FSD
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 11:26:44 -0500

Michael McMahon <> writes:

> Asking freenode would not serve a purpose in this situation.
> From

I like this page.  It looks very transparent.  Old Freenode staff looks
like they took their communication and organization skills to the other
network.  Good for them.

> The best way to reach [Libera.Chat] staff is the channel `#libera` or
> via the command `/stats p` which lists immediately available staff.

I guess that someone else will have to ask them because I will not join
their network currently.  Nevertheless, I do not think it is them who
decide how their official web client is developed.  They do not modify,
as far as I know.  I think that it is best to ask the Kiwi IRC
developers if there was and if there is still Google recaptcha redirect
in their code.  They should know better.  Would someone please ask the
developers of Kiwi IRC?

The staff at both Freenode and Libera should also comply with their own
policies of defending free software and community.  Using nonfree
captcha and violating user's privacy is not in either server staff's
publicized policies.  I wish they did not trick the people.  I hope they
would just show who they really were.  Communication skills do not
necesarily mean sincerity, though.

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