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Re: JavaScript is only a tool

From: Sergey Matveev
Subject: Re: JavaScript is only a tool
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 00:29:29 +0300
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*** Sergey Matveev [2021-07-20 23:49]:
>*** Lorenzo L. Ancora [2021-07-20 19:34]:
>>From the point of view of security then, since HTTP is stateless and the
>>telnet/ssh sessions are statefull
>Actually that is complete hypocrisy.

Wrong word. I mean "fallacy".

>*** Lorenzo L. Ancora [2021-07-20 19:34]:
>However, a little reflection here: running less software only works when
>your computer has very limited tasks and is therefore not a
>general-purpose computer. Specialized computers are not used for
>internet browsing. If you need to do a very specific task you'd better
>use a very specific hardware and then a very tight hardware firewall.

Seems I have never used general purpose computers actually. When I
install naked FreeBSD, hardly I can even read PDFs! But I tend to extend
its functionality. I install software for viewing PDFs. Vim for better
text editing. Something for image viewing and video files watching.
But... well, I do not extend its functionality for running arbitrary
remote code, not installing firefox/chromium. I do not want my computer
to do general things -- only those I want to. And my computer even can
not process/view Word documents. Anyway I like that.

Sergey Matveev (
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