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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] DCC this Week!

From: Steven Bible
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] DCC this Week!
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 10:36:04 -0700 (GMT-07:00)

Hello Stuart,

Thanks for the information.  Matt and Eric will be at the DCC this year.  
Everyone is looking forward to their talks and demonstrations.

Next year will be the 25th Anniversary of TAPR and of the DCC.  So we are 
returning to our roots in Tucson for 2006.

We rotate the DCC between East, Mid, West.  So we'll be back East for 2007.  

I hope you and everyone can join us next year.  It's not a bad drive between 
Boston and Tucson :-).

- Steve N7HPR

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From: Stuart Brorson <address@hidden>
Sent: Sep 19, 2005 10:13 AM
To: Steven Bible <address@hidden>
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Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] DCC this Week!

Steve --

Thanks for the e-mail!

> Please tell us about gEDA and some projects that have come from it.

The gEDA project includes a schematic capture program which netlists
to over 20 different netlist formats (e.g. SPICE, Protel, and the gEDA
project's own PCB tool "PCB", sometimes called "gPCB"), a couple of
different simulators (SPICE, Verilog, mixed-mode simulation (Gnucap)),
PCB layout (up to 8 layers, no component or board size limitations,
includes autorouter), Gerber viewer, and various utilties.

Matt Ettus, who is the designer of GNU Radio's USRP, apparently did at
least some of the USRP's boards using gEDA.  He also contributed code
to the project.   I'll let him speak for himself about his activities.

As for projects done with it, there are many, including:  Single board
computer, boards for a weather station, a DSP board for GNU radio
(different from Matt's), a SCSI controller, a free-space optical link
(Ronja project), and on and on.  Here is a page of example projects:


> Maybe we can see you at next years DCC?

Sure!  I'd love to present!  Where's it going to be?  I am located in
Boston, but am loathe to travel anywhere I can't reasonably drive
to. . . . 


\r\n- Steve\r\n  (address@hidden)\r\n

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