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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] SuSE 10.0 build experience

From: Berndt Josef Wulf
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] SuSE 10.0 build experience
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 14:31:04 +1030
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On Wednesday 08 March 2006 13:05, Eric Blossom wrote:
> FYI,
> I just installed SuSE 10.0 on a new laptop:
> [ ThinkPad X60: Can you say 3.6 pound dual core machine?  ;-) ]
> With the following exception, everything required to build GNU Radio
> was included on the DVD.
> The exception was:
>   SDCC 2.5.0   -- C compiler for 8051 (FX2 firmware)
> I also built the following from source but the versions distributed
> should have worked OK:
>   FFTW 3.1 -- they include 3.0.1, but I wasn't sure if they built it
> with the SSE and SSE2 stuff enabled.
>   SWIG 1.3.28 -- they include 1.3.24, but I like to track the latest swig.
> Eric (Having fun with his new machine!)

My DVD, whilst providing most development tools, didn't have gnu gcc and g++. 
It was missing and I had to build it from sources. sdcc is missing too and I 
have yet to build it.

I would be interested to see how your are progessing....

The only reason that I'm running GNURadio on Linux is due to performance 
related issues on the NetBSD ugen interface. So no, I'm not a convert.... ;-)

cheerio Berndt

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