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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] gri_ringbuffer.{h,cc}

From: Robert McGwier
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] gri_ringbuffer.{h,cc}
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 21:47:01 -0500
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No. The problem was caused by our own error. Under some pathological conditions you want to reset the ring buffers and start over. We talked ourselves into believing all off this was protected and we were just plain wrong. I made the initial error and Frank recaptured the error in beautiful code.

The final resolution: if you find pathologies in the ring buffers, the ONLY safe place to reset them is in the callback itself, otherwise the callback can /**AND WILL**/ step on the rb reset. You cannot afford to semaphore, etc. in the callback of course, so a safe way is to use flags that are only read and reset in the callback when the rb resets occur. There are subtle race conditions that might occur but they are minor irritants compared to the stupidity of what we were doing.

All of the strange conditions we had in DttSP were caused by this programming bug. They no longer exist in DttSP v.2 which will be out next week and they don't exist in PowerSDR now. We only looked for this subtlety for months. A few well constructed tests finally resolved the problem.


Eric Blossom wrote:
On Sun, Mar 12, 2006 at 10:20:16PM +0100, Stephane Fillod wrote:
- against gnuradio-core: ot_gri_ringbuffer.patch
        * src/lib/general/gri_ringbuffer.{cc,h},
          src/lib/general/Makefile.am: new lockless ringbuffer (single
          reader/single writer) taken from JACK software (GPL).

Bob and Frank,

Didn't the JACK ringbuffer code cause you problems when pushing "part
of a float" into it.  I.e., there was room for 3 bytes, but not all
four.  If this is true, how did you fix it?  Specialize for only
floats?  "Yet another ringbuffer implementation" that doesn't have
the problem?  I can't see an occasion when we'd need anything other
than floats.


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