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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Re: [dttsp-linux] dttsp-ps3

From: Lamar Owen
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Re: [dttsp-linux] dttsp-ps3
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2007 11:43:36 -0500
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On Saturday 03 February 2007 01:50, Robert McGwier wrote:
> Both dttsp and gnuradio build on the PS3.  I managed to get everything
> to install.  As I have always found with redhat/fedora installations,
> what is absolutely seamless and without peer in Ubuntu is a royal pain
> in the derriere with Fedora.  I had to add all of the PYTHONPATH, etc.
> as usual and I had to roust about on the internet for ppc rpm's to
> install wxGTK and wxPython since I was absolutely determined not to have
> to build them.

Prebuilt ppc RPM's for wxPython and all dependencies are available in Fedora 
Extras: http://fedoraproject.org/extras/5/ppc/repodata/repoview/W.group.html

On FC5, the default is to have Extras enabled; perhaps the PS3 install doesn't 
have that.  In any case, see http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/UsingExtras 
for usage notes.

The gist of it: if the PS3 install is default FC5, then you just do:
yum install wxPython
and that pulls in everything you need (just like apt-get install on Ubuntu 
would do).  If you want to see what is available, do a 'yum list' and it will 
spit out everything it knows about.

If there were GNUradio RPM's in Extras, you could do a yum install 
gnuradio-core and it would pull in everything required, just like apt-get 
install would do.

To solve your PYTHONPATH stuff, when building GNUradio configure for a prefix 
of /usr instead of /usr/local.  A make uninstall should do the right thing to 
pull all traces out.

> The audio system on the PS3 with Fedora and Alsa is a little odd.  I am
> unable to address /dev/dsp in any meaningful way.   Portaudio correctly
> calls the devices (running pa_devs) but all of the examples fail in
> gnuradio-example/python/audio.  I modified several to attempt portaudio
> and that failed.

Build GNUradio with OSS support but not ALSA support.  ALSA devices are 
enumerated differently than OSS emulated devices; for some reason (and this 
is true on FC5 i386 too) if you build the ALSA support things break, but they 
work fine with OSS support built.  At least the last time I built on FC5 that 
was true, but that was older GNUradio.

> I went from new toy to Fedora core 5 compiling jack,  dttsp, and
> gnuradio in a week.  We can do business with this.  They are available
> in numbers (at $599) at my local target and walmart.

Very cool.
Lamar Owen
Director of Information Technology
Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute
1 PARI Drive
Rosman, NC  28772

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