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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] window sizing issue

From: Michael Dickens
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] window sizing issue
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 12:43:01 -0400

On Mar 16, 2007, at 12:01 PM, address@hidden wrote:
1) do you happen to know where the default values for the control buttons are set? I'd like to change the time scale from 100us/div to 1ms/div and to set the Autorange to "on" by default.

In your "am_..." file, change the "scope_sink_f" call to inside "_build_gui", "if plot3:":

self.scope = scopesink.scope_sink_f(self, self.panel, title="AM Demodulated Time Series", sample_rate=demod_rate, size= (50,100), t_scale=1.0e-3, v_scale=None)

the last 2 items set the time scale and autorange as you want.

2) do you know how to convert the integer values on the third window (time-series) to actual voltage values as measured by the adc? It must be a function of the internal gain and offset. I need to know these eventually; this application is supposed to measure physical voltages, not just produce sounds.

Not sure of this.  Maybe whoever wrote the script knows? - MLD

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