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[Discuss-gnuradio] How to write USB 2.0 interface for Windows in C++?

From: Ujala Qasim
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] How to write USB 2.0 interface for Windows in C++?
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 17:22:23 +0500


I am trying to capture USB 2.0 packets sent over by the USRP in a C++ program. I was able to found a code that does the similar job in Linux:

#include "usrp_standard.h"
// Dumy Function to process USRP data
void process_data(int *buffer)
#define SAMPELS_PER_READ (512) // Must be a multiple of 128
int main (int argc, char **argv)
bool loopback_p = false;
bool counting_p = false;
bool width_8_p = false;
int which_board = 0;
int decim = 8; // 32 MB/sec
double center_freq = 0;
int fusb_block_size = 0;
int fusb_nblocks = 0;
int nchannels = 1;
int gain = 0;
int mode = 0;
int noverruns = 0;
bool overrun;
int total_reads = 10000;
int i;
int bufsize = SAMPELS_PER_READ*4;

if (loopback_p) mode |= usrp_standard_rx::FPGA_MODE_LOOPBACK;

if (counting_p) mode |= usrp_standard_rx::FPGA_MODE_COUNTING;

usrp_standard_rx *urx = usrp_standard_rx::make (which_board, decim, 1, -1, mode, fusb_block_size, fusb_nblocks);

if (urx == 0)
fprintf (stderr, "Error: usrp_standard_rx::make\n");
exit (1);

if (width_8_p)
int width = 8;
int shift = 8;
bool want_q = true;
if (!urx->set_format(usrp_standard_rx::make_format(width, shift, want_q)))
fprintf (stderr, "Error: urx->set_format\n");
exit (1);
// Set DDC center frequency
urx->set_rx_freq (0, center_freq);
// Set Number of channels
// Set ADC PGA gain
// Set FPGA Mux
urx->set_mux(0x32103210); // Board A only
// Set DDC decimation rate
// Set DDC phase

urx->start(); // Start data transfer

printf("USRP Transfer Started\n");
// Do USRP Samples Reading
for (i = 0; i < total_reads; i++)
urx->read(&buf, bufsize, &overrun);
if (overrun)
printf ("USRP Rx Overrun\n");
// Do whatever you want with the data

urx->stop(); // Stop data transfer
printf("USRP Transfer Stoped\n");

delete urx;
return 0;

I was able to successfully achieve my goal through this code in Linux. However, I need to implement the same task in Windows. I was initially suggested to look for usrp_standard.h but I have no idea how to write a code (like the one above) which will incorporate this header file and be able to do the actual communication. Please provide me with some guidelines in this regard.


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