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[Discuss-gnuradio] Re: Usrp2 and Agere ET131x compatibility

From: Yc Park
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Re: Usrp2 and Agere ET131x compatibility
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 14:43:12 +0100

Tha's weired. Apparently Ubuntu 8.10 kernel includes Agere driver since 
my laptop perfectly works ever since I installed Ubuntu 8.10.

But when I try the "fund_usrps" while monitoring the network packet,
nothing goes out though eth0 (Agere ET131).

Unfortunately, my laptop does only has a PCMCIA slot, and
my desktop does not have GigE, either.

Well, maybe I can buy a low cost GigE card with a PCI interface for the 
but the thing is that I'd like to work on my laptop...

Matt Ettus wrote:
> OK, we got the driver to compile, and spent some time trying to get the
> card to talk to the USRP2.  If you try enough times, it sort of runs,
> but with a lot of noise.  It has the same behavior when running through
> an ethernet switch.  It turns out that the card and/or driver has some
> weird sort of data corruption which puts errors in nearly every received
> packet.  We also got a lot of syslog messages which were warnings from
> the driver.
> When I tried to connect the card to my router and do normal TCP/IP over
> it, it can't even get an IP address from DHCP successfully.
> Basically, I think that the kernel drivers are simply not working, so
> there's no hope of getting these cards to connect to a USRP2 properly if
> they can't connect to anything else either.  The fact that this driver
> has not been included in the main line kernel even though the chipset
> has been out for a long time (its no longer even owned by Agere -- it
> was bought by LSI) tells me that there are much deeper problems.
> There are much better supported interfaces available.  If you are using
> a laptop with this chip in it, I would suggest buying an ExpressCard
> (next generation of PCMCIA) GigE card with a Marvell chip in it.  They
> should be less than $50.
> Matt

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