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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] How to simultaneously tx/rx on usrp with OFDM?

From: adib_sairi
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] How to simultaneously tx/rx on usrp with OFDM?
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 18:22:58 -0700 (PDT)

Yan Wang wrote:
> Hi,
> Basically I want to do following things on one usrp node.
> 1. receive packets from one other node
> 2. relay the packets received
> 3. transmit packets generated locally
> So my idea is to get the packets through usrp_src and receive_path, then
> put 
> the received packets and locally generated packets together into payload,
> then 
> use send_pkts() to sendout packets through transmit_path and usrp_snk.
> There are several problems I am facing now(sorry, I am not a good
> programmer, 
> maybe they are silly questions):
> 1. I am trying to use different threads to receive packets and transmit 
> packets. Although I used "global killed" and "sys.exit(1)" to make sure 
> threads exit when Ctrl-C pressed, it won't abort to the command line. 
> 2. As I said I need to combine received packets and locally generated
> packets 
> at transmitting, but I didn't figure out how to achieve that. I am
> thinking of 
> make a global variable payload_all[], and just throw every packets into
> it, 
> then use send_pkts to transmit the payload while receiving packets from
> others 
> in another thread. Is that possible?
> 3. The blocks transmit_path and receive_path I think are both having only
> 1 
> connector in the graph. Is there any easy way to connect these two parts?
> Or 
> is there any other blocks that I can use to make this kind of connection?
> Any related suggestion will be appreciated.
> I posted my small test codes online(http://www.sendspace.com/file/6n64co),
> if 
> you can take a look at it and give me some suggestion, that will be
> awsome.

have you look at the post that tim send? :
RE: Editing benchmark_rx.py for spectrum access

inside they do the tx and rx in one file but it is not OFDM. but it is very
simple to change it to OFDM since it is build form benchmark file..
benchmark_dsa.py script:
(CROSS form VT-very nice)

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