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[Discuss-gnuradio] error of mapping when rebuild FPGA

From: 周亮
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] error of mapping when rebuild FPGA
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 22:06:41 +0800

with command
gnuradio/usrp2/fpga/top/u2_rev3$ make bin

I got errors when mapping:
ERROR:Pack:2310 - Too many comps of type "RAMB16" found to fit this device.
ERROR:Pack:18 - The design is too large for the given device and package.

below is design summary...
Design Summary:
Number of errors:      2
Number of warnings:   36
Logic Utilization:
  Number of Slice Flip Flops:        12,620 out of  40,960   30%
  Number of 4 input LUTs:            18,605 out of  40,960   45%
Logic Distribution:
  Number of occupied Slices:         12,449 out of  20,480   60%
    Number of Slices containing only related logic:  12,449 out of  12,449 100%
    Number of Slices containing unrelated logic:          0 out of  12,449   0%
      *See NOTES below for an explanation of the effects of unrelated logic.
  Total Number of 4 input LUTs:      19,316 out of  40,960   47%
    Number used as logic:            17,464
    Number used as a route-thru:        711
    Number used for Dual Port RAMs:      32
      (Two LUTs used per Dual Port RAM)
    Number used as Shift registers:   1,109

  The Slice Logic Distribution report is not meaningful if the design is
  over-mapped for a non-slice resource or if Placement fails.

  Number of bonded IOBs:                307 out of     333   92%
    IOB Flip Flops:                     271
    IOB Master Pads:                      3
    IOB Slave Pads:                       3
  Number of RAMB16s:                     44 out of      40  110% (OVERMAPPED)
  Number of MULT18X18s:                  16 out of      40   40%
  Number of BUFGMUXs:                     6 out of       8   75%
  Number of DCMs:                         1 out of       4   25%

Average Fanout of Non-Clock Nets:                3.35

Peak Memory Usage:  706 MB
Total REAL time to MAP completion:  2 mins 26 secs
Total CPU time to MAP completion:   37 secs

Thank you for any advices!!!


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