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[Discuss-gnuradio] Re: Finally compiled USRP2 code works finewithUDPimag

From: Patrick Strasser
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Re: Finally compiled USRP2 code works finewithUDPimage ...but not with compiled Raw Ethernet Image
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 20:34:32 +0100
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schrieb Gabriel Morel am 2011-01-17 19:27:
> I had try 'make' in commad prompt of windows but 'command not found', i
> had try it in cygwin but problem with ise_helper.tcl.  I'm trying with
> gnumake but I don't understand how to work with it for the moment.  I
> know you don't have to teach me how to use somethings like this, but do
> you have any idea what can I do.

It would be easier for all supporting people if you could 'show' what
happens. That means:

Tell exactly
* what you have installed,
* where you have it exactly, and
* what exactly _is_ working.
* Copy the exact commands you enter,
* and the output.

You will understand that for everyone except you "try it in cygwin but
problem with ise_helper.tcl" is not very significant. How should anyone
except you know exactly what is going on and causing the problems?

You see from the length of the thread that people are willing to help
you. You can speed up the process with high quality information.

Engineers motto: cheap, good, fast: choose any two
Patrick Strasser <patrick dot strasser at student dot tugraz dot at>
Student of Telemati_cs_, Techn. University Graz, Austria

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