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[Discuss-gnuradio] UHD disable receive

From: Mike Clark
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] UHD disable receive
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 15:26:39 -0400

I just got my shiny new N210's last week. I've setup UHD and GnuRadio
from GIT. I've done some simple tests and have been able to transmit
data from one N210 to the other. Today I started working on
bidirectional communication. For my simple setup I've got 2 N210's
each with an RFX2400 (using TX/RX for receive). I created a python
file with two top-blocks. In one top-block I have the transmit path
setup (Message Source -> Packet Encoder -> GMSK mod -> UHD USRP Sink),
and the receive is in the other (UHD USRP Source -> GMSK demod ->
Packet Decoder -> Message Sink). Then my main main code creates the
two top_blocks, and calls start on each. I then simply add messages to
the message source and read messages off of the message sink.

When sending from A to B, I receive A's message on B. The problem is I
also receive A's message on A. Same happens when going from B to A. Is
this normal? I know the RFX2400 is full duplex, but this was not what
I was expecting. Is there any way to disable the receive path while

After digging around I found a set_auto_tr function that sounded like
it would fix this problem, but for some reason it looks like that is
not implemented for gr-uhd. Any suggestions on how to fix this?


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