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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] GRC Reacting Slowly

From: Andreas Ladanyi
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] GRC Reacting Slowly
Date: Fri, 29 May 2015 15:20:00 +0200
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Hi Murray,

thats an interesting fact.

My project has a lot (i didnt count them) of blocks. I have the same delay problem on my PC and on my embedded device.  On the embedded device its slower than on my pc :-)

If i use only a few blocks than the delay is short.

So i think your theory and suggestion is great.


Am 27.05.2015 um 21:08 schrieb Murray Thomson:
I had this problem for a while when using a large number of blocks. The cause, I think, is that the companion checks if the flowgraph is correct after every change. You will only be able to compile if it's correct (blocks are connected, variable names exist...).
If this is really the reason, It would be nice to have an icon that, when unselected disables this check and when selected it checks the flowgraph and enables the compile and run options if everything is ok.


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