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[Discuss-gnuradio] benchmark_tx and benchmark_rx

From: Ekko
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] benchmark_tx and benchmark_rx
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2016 21:48:55 +0800

hello all
today i use the demo of gnuradio
benchmark_tx.py and benchmark_rx.py
and the demo is work with my two device(e310)
just like 
dev A:/benchmark_tx.py --freq=433e6
dev B:/benchmark_rx.py --freq=433e6
dev A:/benchmark_rx.py --freq=433e6
dev B:/benchmark_tx.py --freq=433e6
 this all worked well

then i use tunnel.py to ping two device
just like
dev A:./tunnel.py --freq=433e6
内嵌图片 1

          ifconfig gr0
内嵌图片 2

dev B:./tunnel.py --freq=433e6
内嵌图片 3
ifconfig gr0
内嵌图片 4

dev B:ping  failed
dev A:ping failed

i want to know why the benchmark.py work well but the tunnel.py does not work?

thank you 


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