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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] [PyBOMBS] Need your help!

From: Richard Bell
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] [PyBOMBS] Need your help!
Date: Mon, 23 May 2016 11:23:55 -0700

I have GNU Radio installed via source on my computer, but I'd like to try the Pybombs method to see if it works. Before I do, I want to make sure I won't screw up my current install, whether its through conflicts or confusion over multiple installs or something else. Here a few questions I have:

1) If there are two installs, is it a matter of whichever one had a "sudo make install" run last as to which version is actually being used?
2) Are there any gotchas I should know about when two different GNU Radios are installed on one machine?

On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 3:07 PM, Marcus Müller <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Sylvain,

what platform are you on? (basically, libalsa should be installed via
package whenever possible, which is the case on debian, ubuntu, fedora
and centos, I thought)
Also: I kind of like the "don't install, just list" idea. However,
Pybombs would never encourage you to build stuff as root – super user
privileges are acquired as necessary through sudo.


On 22.05.2016 23:32, Sylvain Munaut wrote:
> Hi,
>> My prime test case is the following pybombs command:
>> $ pybombs prefix init ~/path/to/prefix -R gnuradio-default
>> (Note you will need the most current PyBOMBS and gr-recipes to run this).
> I just gave this a shot, but I aborted pretty quickly.
> It started building alsa from sources ...
> Ideally I'd like to only build from source the SDR related packages
> that don't have any decent version available as package and not every
> package.
> Also since I run pybombs as user and not root (no way I'm building all
> of this as the root user ...), I don't expect pybomb to install the
> packages, but I would expect it to list them to me so I can install
> them myself then restart pybombs.
> Anyway, just my 2 ct ...
> Cheers,
>    Sylvain
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