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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Packet decoder does not output the last packet

From: Cinaed Simson
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Packet decoder does not output the last packet
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2018 15:14:57 -0800
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I wouldn't change the packet size on the udp sink - it wasn't 16 in the
simulation - and even if it was I wouldn't mess with the defaults settings.

Also you have a plumbing problem between packet encoder and gmk mod -
the samples/symbol should be equal.

And I wouldn't use the packet encoded - I would just use a steam to
tagged stream block.

On the low pass filter, I would set it to "Bypass" - fiddle with LPF
later if needed.

And last but not least, I would recommend using the zmq sources and
sinks instead of the udp sources and sinks - I think they're easier.

If you do decided to use zmq, just use the default protocol - namely,
tcp until you're comfortable using it.



I don't know anything about your source, but enclosed is the way I would
do it based on my biases and prejudices - using a random GFLSR source

In the end, I compare the input of the source to the output of the gmsk

-- Cinaed

On 11/11/2018 09:44 AM, Williams, Diane wrote:
> In a very gnuradio simple simulation, flowgraph shown in attached image
> simple_udp_simulation, all packets sent to the UDP source are received
> by the UDP sink and sent out to a connected UDP socket server program.
> When adding the other processing blocks to the simulation, attached
> image udp_packet_encoder_gmsk_simulation, the last packet is received by
> the UDP source, but not by the UDP sink. That last packet never is
> output by the packet decoder. If I send one extra packet through, a
> dummy packet of the same length, then I get my last valid packet. I can
> do this and handle it in post-processing, if needed, when later that
> dummy packet, flows through, but I would appreciate knowing why the
> packet decoder hangs onto the last packet.
> I see the packet encoder/decoder deprecation warnings, but have not yet
> found a working example for other means of encoding and decoding.
> I am using Ubuntu 18.04 gnuradio packages 3.7.11
> Thank you.
> Diane Williams
> Senior Professional Research Assistant, Electrical Engineering
> University of Colorado Denver
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