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Re: gr-iqbal->gr-osmosdr->gqrx missing pkgconfig files break gr-3.8 buil

From: Barry Jackson
Subject: Re: gr-iqbal->gr-osmosdr->gqrx missing pkgconfig files break gr-3.8 builds
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2020 18:33:13 +0000
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On 05/02/2020 18:13, Sylvain Munaut wrote:
-- Checking for module 'gmp'
--   Found gmp, version 6.2.0

Looks like mageia has split the c++ gmp bindings into libgmpxx-devel
make sure you have that installed.

We do have these installed in the build chroot:
BuildRequires:  gmp-devel
BuildRequires:  gmpxx-devel
BuildRequires:  mpir-devel
BuildRequires:  mpirxx-devel

But I don't understand:
--   Found gmp, version 6.2.0
-- Could NOT find GMP

Shouldn't that be libgmp-devel & libgmpxx-devel ?

No that would only be for i586, gmpxx-devel is a virtual provide that is arch agnostic.

We always try to use pkgconfig(gmpxx) in preference rather than any other in .spec files if they are available, which is why I was so upset when you dropped the .pc's from these packages.

The "Found gmp, version 6.2.0" means he found a pkg-config file.

Then after, using the data from the .pc file it tries to find gmpxx.h
and libgmpxx.so and libgmp.so.  It can find the last one, but not the
two first ( see the "missing GMPXX_LIBRARY GMP_INCLUDE_DIR" ).

I just found my mistake, I had edited the wrong version of the .spec /o\ and thanks to your comment I double checked. The gmp* -devels were missing from the requires.

gqrx is now building against gnuradio-3.8 (with .pc files) and gr-iqbal and gr-osmosdr without.

Thanks again for your help explanations.

Will the 3.8 updates be merged and released soon?




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