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Re: GNU Radio on Raspberry Pi 4?

From: Jeff Long
Subject: Re: GNU Radio on Raspberry Pi 4?
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2020 19:52:18 -0500

I run a NBFM monitor 24x7 and it takes up a small fraction of a RPi3 (recording to files). It's likely that you are running across some sort of rate/buffer problem, so keep trying!

On Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 6:34 PM Fabien PELLET <fpellet.f4ctz@free.fr> wrote:

I do not try to run GNUradio over my Pi4 for the moment but I encountered the problem you describe with the audio on a laptop.

I solved it by specifying the name of the audio hardware (aplay -l as far as I remember in a terminal would help) and by checking the box for the blocking process.

I hope it will help you,
Best regards,
Fabien, F4CTZ

---- Dan Romanchik KB6NU a écrit ----

Has anyone successfully run GNU Radio on a Pi 4? I recently purchased an RTL-SDR dongle and thought it would be fun to experiment a little with GNU Radio and learn something about SDR.

A couple of days ago, I fired up GNU Radio, and after having some trouble figuring out how to get the audio sink to talk to the Pi, I downloaded VE6EY's FM receiver flow graph. The flow graph runs, but the Pi 4 just doesn't seem to have enough horsepower to run it in real time. The audio is slow and distorted.

Thinking that it might be the WX widgets slowing down the program, I first deleted the FFT display widgets, then converted the WX slider controls to QT range controls. Neither had any effect on how well the flow graph ran.

GQRX and CubicSDDR seem to work just fine. At least with both of them, I'm able to receive FM broadcast and NOAA weather station. But, maybe the PI4 just doesn't have enough horsepower to run GNU Radio? If so, that's kind of disappointing.

73! <—ham radio lingo for “best regards"

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