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Re: Import problem of OOT module

From: Dr. Karsten Schmidt
Subject: Re: Import problem of OOT module
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2021 22:59:25 +0200
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Hallo Marcus,

I solved the problem by a complete reinstallation of unbuntu and the
Gnu-Radio software (via source package No idea what I have
misconfigured, but now runs without problems.  In any case gr_modtool
also had slightly different output. I previously had a binary version of
Gnu-Radio, I think version 3.8.2.


Am 08.07.2021 um 23:52 schrieb Marcus Müller:
> Hello Karsten,
> On 08.07.21 22:29, Dr. Karsten Schmidt wrote:
>> I have some little progess with the new attempt. Import hiqsdrhw
>> directly in python works, but it does not worked in the grc.
> hm, my most likely explanation for this is that the PYTHONPATH environment 
> variable as
> seen by your Python interpreter when launched from your shell is different 
> than what GRC sees!
> Note, for example, that things in ~/.bashrc only are executed when you run a 
> bash shell;
> if you open GRC e.g. via a desktop icon or by double-clicking a GRC file, 
> that is not the
> case.
> I hope this helps somewhat – not 100% sure what else to say!
> PS: I'm replying to this on the mailing list, too; please make sure you have 
> that in CC,
> so that others don't get confused about the state of things :)
> Best regards,
> Marcus

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