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Re: Why intergrate with WindowMaker's dock?

From: Ian Mondragon
Subject: Re: Why intergrate with WindowMaker's dock?
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 00:01:19 -0500
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i agree with you, but i don't think we should need to modify the core API in
order to achieve this sort of functionality.  the real world perspective
dictates that we need to provide stuff like this in order to draw in people
to our little GNUstep circle <grin>, but i think from a developer's POV we
shouldn't resort to quick kludges in order to draw in a user base...it's that
whole 80-20 thing...

- ian mondragon

* Dan Grillo <address@hidden> [02/10/01 18:39]:
> I think there's a real world perspective that's been lost
> here.
> I used to work at NeXT -- I can't wait for bunch of real
> GNUstep apps.  A real workspace would rock.  I just want to
> double click on files and have the right thing happen.  (or
> run open(1)...)
> But, right now folks like me run WindowMaker, and cross
> our fingers that GNUstep will some day get to a point where
> lots of apps exist.  
> During the transition from basically nothing exists to
> full-blown 1989, what are folks supposed to run to use
> the few GNUstep apps that exist today, plus get some
> usefulness out of X?


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