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Re: Why intergrate with WindowMaker's dock?

From: Dan Pascu
Subject: Re: Why intergrate with WindowMaker's dock?
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 09:19:45 +0200 (EET)

On 10 Feb, Gregory Casamento wrote:
> somewhat in order to handle this.   This way we don't kluge WindowMaker to
> handle GNUstep applications and we don't commit the unforgivable sin of
> kludging GNUstep to interoperate specifically w/ WindowMaker.


Sorry but couldn't resist =). This "unforgivable sin" thing sounded
like a cheap dramatic movie.

> My other point in the previous e-mail was that, if we do integrate, we should
> not permanently tie ourselves to using WindowMaker's dock.  That is to say we
> should make sure it's still possible to write a GNUstep dock once we have
> integrated with WindowMaker.

Huh? I didn't noticed this intention. The intention (at least what I
thought) was to make the window maker's dock be able to handle gnustep
generated appicons. This doesn't mean you are tied to wmaker (where did
this idea come from). This means you can use it if you want (ie get an
extra functionality under wmaker since wmaker is supposed to better
support gnustep than other window managers), or if you're not running
wmaker or want to disable its dock and run the external dock.app then
you're free to do so.
Who said that if we make the window maker's dock work with gnustep
appicons too, an external dock.app cannot be written?


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